Required supporting documents for application of candidacy

  1. Application for Nomination (completed electronically on this page and is sent in pdf format to your e-mail).
  2. Two (2) ID photos.
  3. Photocopy of both sides of the ID.
  4. Recent CV.
  5. Copy of Degree with detailed marks of all years or study certificate with detailed marks of all years. The final degree mark should not be lower than seven (7).
  6. Copy of Graduate Thesis, in case it was intended to be conducted at undergraduate level.
  7. Certificate of equivalence from Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (DOATAP), for candidates coming from universities abroad.
  8. Responsible declaration of Law 1599/86 accepting the condition of the invitation regarding their compulsory auxiliary work, throughout the two-year program, under the guidance of the Director of the Program and the professors who will undertake their supervision.
  9. Certificates of excellent knowledge of English (level C2/C2 Proficiency).
  10. Two (2) letters of recommendation with the author's name, title, position, address and telephone number.
  11.  Other elements documenting the candidacy (work experience, participation in research projects, scientific publications, etc.).

Students pre-selected by the Graduate Student Candidate Selection Committee are invited for an interview for their final selection.

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